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Who we are?

Fruit Food is a specialized company in exporting vegetables and fruits from Egypt to all over the world. It gains its strength from the several of its customer’s trust and their markets in the Fruit Food’s products as it is the farmer, processor and packer for its products. So that it guarantees the customer the best quality and the lowest price.

Our vision

Fruit Food firstly seeks to put a new development approach and a new vision for the Egyptian products of vegetables and fruits, to have the largest share of the volume of Egyptian exports of vegetables and fruits, and the to open new markets for the Egyptian product.

Our mission

Our specific mission is to satisfy the customer from the speed in executing orders in a safe and modern way with high quality standards and follow-up until sale.

Our clients are our partners in success

Our values

customers satisfaction

FRUIT FOOD has the potential to provide world class global trade and export services. But this is not only what distinguishes us. Fruit Food strives to use a vigilant approach to ensure that our export services are developed to match the dynamic changes in customer needs. Moreover, we value our customers’ feedback which will enable us to provide an unparalleled range of export services.


First class quality

Our goal is to become a world leader in the export and trade proposition sector, and we recognize that high quality is the best path to success. We are constantly working to establish strong relationships with our partners in order for them to continue giving. We also ensure that it also keeps the rate of implementation of its goals low and respect the environment and take pride in our products and our company that is Emcocal, Global Gap, SEDEX, Global graspe and ISO certified.

Our markets

FRUIT FOOD exports to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Through continuous developments and growth, FRUIT FOOD has obtained accreditation that meets the highest international quality and environmental standards. FRUIT FOOD seeks to satisfy its valued customers through excellence in the field of agriculture and agricultural processing, and to provide products in accordance with international quality standards and food safety.

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