About Us


Who we are?

FRUIT FOOD is a specialized company based in Egypt, working in the export sector. F F aims to be a source for international trade between emerging markets of the world and across continents as well as the leading major economies.
By providing our customers with a large number of the best nutritional products, FRUITFOOD is committed to exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service. One of our top priorities is to identify the best sources of food products and to ensure that they meet our health and quality standards, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Our vision

FRUIT FOOD believes it has the potential and potential to grow to become a world-recognized leader in the export and trade sector. We are also striving to grow and expand overseas in order to open more trade routes for our customers as well. We also aim to lead in exporting vegetables and fruits, and to contain the largest share of the Egyptian exports quota.

Our mission

We believe that our success and growth as a global export company will stem from our focus on increasing innovation and continuous development in our services and operations as a company. Continually growing and developing as we progress, it is imperative for us to establish strong connections with our partners, build a large and secure client base, in addition to increasing the volume of services provided as a company. Establishing a good network foundation will ensure benefits for all parties are optimized.

Our values

customers satisfaction:
FRUIT FOOD has the potential to provide world class global trade and export services. But this is not only what distinguishes us. FF strives to use a vigilant approach to ensure that our export services are developed to match the dynamic changes in customer needs. Moreover, we value our customers' feedback which will enable us to provide an unparalleled range of export services.

First class quality

In order to reach our goal of becoming a world leader in the export and trade sector, we realize that high quality is the best path to success. We work to establish strong relationships with our partners in order to continuously improve product quality and service quality. However, we also ensure that business ethics and respect for the environment are highly valued while implementing our goals as a company.

Our markets

FRUIT FOOD exports to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Through continuous developments and growth, FRUIT FOOD has obtained accreditation that meets the highest international quality and environmental standards. FRUIT FOOD seeks to satisfy its valued customers through excellence in the field of agriculture and agricultural processing, and to provide products in accordance with international quality standards and food safety.

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